Welcome to my blog. Come on in, grab your favorite beverage, make yourself comfy. My goal in writing this blog is to introduce you to some of the symbiotic relationships found in the natural world that may surprise and delight you. All life is dependent on symbiotic relationships between species. Understanding the interconnectedness found in the natural world will hopefully lead to an understanding of the importance of the earth’s biodiversity and inspire you to set forth on your own path to help nurture and protect our precious ecosystems. Although this topic has the potential to go many directions, and dive quickly into complexity, I keep the relationships presented limited to two or three species or subjects in one post. In order to verify the accuracy of information presented I seek out several reliable sources of information.

I have B.S. degrees in both Geology and Medical Technology and although my working career was in Medical Technology, I have always held a deep interest in the natural world which has propelled me to investigate, observe, contemplate, and appreciate the finely tuned choreography of the natural world. In 2017 I became certified as an Oregon Master Naturalist in order to learn more about the ecosystems in Oregon and to join in the efforts of various local organizations to preserve and protect our natural areas. This blog serves to educate and further inspire both of us.

I acknowledge that you, the reader, may or may not have a scientific background or training, however I make no assumptions that you are familiar with scientific terms that are not in our common vocabulary. You will see that I include a section to define terms, as needed, to help with overall understanding of the discussion. I will also include reference links for those that want to read further on the information presented.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I will enjoy writing it. Please click the “Follow NATURAL CONNECTIONS” button at the bottom of the page and share the site with anyone you think may be interested in reading the posts. I welcome your feedback and ideas for topics to include in future posts in the comments section.


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