Does it really matter if the Pacific Marten goes extinct? Or the Oregon Slender Salamander? Or any of the other >32,000 species that are threatened with extinction*? Absolutely! My goal in writing this blog is to help readers connect the dots between various species of plants and animals to foster an understanding of the importance of biodiversity and caring for our natural environment so that all living beings on earth can thrive.

I have always held a deep interest in the natural world which has propelled me to investigate, observe, contemplate, and appreciate the finely tuned choreography of the natural world. In 2017 I became certified as an Oregon Master Naturalist in order to learn more about the ecosystems in Oregon. I have a B.S degree in Geology, which became my hobby, and another B.S. degree in Medical Technology, which became my career. I’m now retired and enjoying delving into these passions. I’d love to have you join me on this journey.


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The Drastic Decline of Creepy Crawlies and Winged Wonders

The insects of the world are incredibly numerous, diverse, critical to the web of life, and disappearing in alarming numbers. In my last post I mentioned the concept of shifting baselines syndrome and gave my own observational example of how, when I was much younger, I recalled the numerous bug splats on your car windshield … Continue reading The Drastic Decline of Creepy Crawlies and Winged Wonders